Join The Drill Corp Team (
As a member of the Drill Corp Team (DCT), you have the opportunity to become an authorized representative of the Number One Pool Drills, Training Materials and Performance Products of The Drill Instructor brand that is known throughout the modern international Pool World.

3 Drill Corp Division Programs Available
DCR | Become a Drill Corp (Product) Representative for
DCI | Become a Drill Corp (Adult Pool) Instructor
DCY | Become a Drill Corp Youth Instructor (Kids & Juniors Pool Academy Owner)

(Instructors are enrolled into the DCR program as well. Click on any of the above Drill Corp Programs for more details.)

Our DCT Members have one mission, and when they carry out that mission the results are fulfilling and rewarding personally, professionally, and financially. You're not just a member on our Team, you become part of The Drill Instructor Brand family.

Now if you’re done dancing around this page and you want to get serious about joining the DCT, start by reading the programs FAQs and then Create A DCT Member Account. Your application will be reviewed and processed. When we receive the DCT Account Setup Fee and your account is activated, you'll have access to all of our marketing support and quantity discount pricing to start making sales and earning money.

What makes a good Drill Corp Team Member?
First, you love the sport of pool. Second, you care that others like to play pool as much as you do. Finally, you're interested in helping yourself and others learn to play better pool, and in the process you get to make some well deserved income. If that sounds like we're a match then this program is right for you.

Get On the Team, Join the Mission, Enjoy the Rewards.

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