frequently asked questions (FAQs) - Drill Corp Team

  • How can I become a Drill Corp Representative?

    All you have to do is click on the 'Create Account' Link at the top of the page, fill in your details and agree to the Terms. Once we approve and confirm your account, you'll get immediate access to our Drill Corp Representative members area and get your unique website link.
  • Do I Get My Own Website URL?

    Yes, you get your very own unique website link that you can immediately use on all of your promotions. Add it to your website, outgoing emails, or even your Facebook and other social media profiles.  

    Each and every click and sale that is generated from your unique website link will be tracked by our software.  You'll be able to view all of your traffic and sales in the members area at any time.

  • Do You Provide any Marketing Materials or Tools?

    Yes. Once you sign up, you'll get access to a variety of copy and paste marketing tools that you can use immediately to start generating sales.  Each of those marketing tools will have your unique website link embedded in it so that your traffic and sales will be tracked by our software. Please follow The Drill Instructor on Facebook and other social media platforms for any other marketing materials you may want to use.
  • Can I View My Commissions and Referrals?

    Yes you can.  You will get complete access to all of your commissions and traffic in our members area.   You will also be able to view your performance on a daily and monthly basis with full reporting tools available. 
  • How Do I Get Paid My Commissions?

    We send out commission payments on a monthly basis via Paypal.
  • Can I Use My Unique Website Link for Offline Promotion?

    Yes you can.  You can use your website link to promote products and services both online and offline, provided it is within our accepted Drill Corp Team Terms of Service.  Things such as offline flyers, cards, or mailers can be some ideas for offline marketing campaigns that you can use your unique website link for.